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Decorating a Sunroom

Large sunroom with long side table and lamps along with plant greens everywhere and a large metal clock.

Sunroom Decorating Ideas

Tips for making this the most inviting room in your house.

A sunroom is synonymous with relaxation—it’s an appealing space for hanging out, any time or day of the week. But just like other rooms in a home, a sunroom deserves a refresh every now and then to keep it from looking tired and maintain its allure.

If your sunroom is in need of a boost, you don’t have to call in a contractor to give it a new look. Instead, try some of these ideas that you can implement yourself. 


Green things up. Take advantage of all that natural light streaming into your sunroom by adding potted plants (or swapping out those fatigued African violets for something new). Boston ferns, cactus and monstera are all suited for a warm, light-filled space. Want pops of color? Try your hand at orchids, which love humidity and sunlight.

Use durable fabrics. While you’ll want to use attractive textiles, make sure the fabrics on floors and furnishings can stand up to the sun’s harsh rays and won’t fade over time.

Cushion your feet. Speaking of floors, a throw rug adds visual interest and softens the look of the room. Can’t decide between styles? Try layering them, for a mix-up of color and pattern. (Also consider using indoor/outdoor rugs; they’re fade resistant, easy to clean, and won’t develop mold or mildew.)

Hang a mirror. Make the most of your sunroom’s bright interior by adding a mirror to a wall opposite the windows. A mirror will reflect the incoming light, making the space feel larger.

Install shades. As much as a sunroom is for enjoying the outdoors while indoors, too much sun during mid-afternoon can overheat the space. That’s where interior shades come in handy. Woven wood shades, which are crafted of wood, reeds, grasses and bamboo, are ideal for blocking glare and diffusing sunlight. And their organic style fits in perfectly with a sunroom.

Add ambient lighting. A setting sun doesn’t mean you have to call it a day in your sunroom. Ambient lighting in the form of a couple of lamps or a hanging pendant lets you extend your stay, as well as comes in handy for lighting things up on overcast days.

Accessorize with throw pillows. Throw pillows are an easy way to add a touch of personality to your sunroom. Plus, curling up on a chair or couch is so much better with a comfy throw pillow or two.

Put some swing in it. If you have the room, a hanging chair, whether suspended from the ceiling or from a floor-standing frame, is perfect for enjoying a good book.

Enhance the tranquility. Find your Zen with the soothing sounds of flowing water, courtesy of an indoor tabletop fountain. They’re available in a variety of sizes, colors and design styles—or, if DIY is your thing, you’ll find lots of how-to instructions for making your own online.


White wall sunroom with plants and brown wood woven furniture with greenery and pillows everywhere. Potted plants add interest and color.
Patio woven furniture in gray with gray cushions and yellow accent throw pillows Choose fabrics that won’t fade from the sun’s rays.
Sunroom surrounded by large windows looking out to the green garden with large rectangular wooden table and white wooden chairs. A throw rug is an opportunity to add pattern.
Rendering image of an entry wall tab le with cacti and a brown rim round mirror with sunset light beaming in. Use a mirror to reflect natural light.
Hunter green shades rolled up with windows exposed to the sunlight and large table top books with gold sculpture on top. Shades are perfect for blocking afternoon glare.
Photo rendering of entry way light wood cabinet with lamp and plants around and circular mirror hanging on wall. Ease into the evening with ambient lighting.
Sunroom featuring oak wood patio furniture with light blue and light green cushions overlooking the green forest. Make seating more comfortable with throw pillows.
Oak wooden sunroom with indoor plants on floor and ceiling and wooden half sphere swing. Kick back in a hanging chair.
Small round rock fountain with pebbles on a would platform A tabletop fountain is a calming accessory.

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